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Specializing in custom tooling, assembly fixtures, custom CNC machinery and facility equipment, robotics integration, facility guarding, engineering & manufacturing support, Docent Design has the experience and know how to provide its customers the solutions needed  for today's manufacturing environment.

Docent Design Fabrication

Docent Design is committed to providing turn key solutions, tools and processes with minimal impact to the end users resources. We work with our customers onsite if needed to give them what will be the most efficient and beneficial product or solution to their business.

Providing our customers with the technical background and hands on experience to deliver a cost effective solution with a return on investment that fits the requirements of the end user, Docent Design can help.

We provide a full life cycle product, from the initial thought or napkin sketch all the way through to the end of the life cycle.

Docent Design supplies the engineering expertise to be a part of your business not as a supplier. Contact Us now to start the conversation of how we can help you.


Custom CNC Bellows Forming Machine
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