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Custom Machines


Docent Design forming CNC forming machines


  • Model 30T Expansion Forming Machine

  • Model 3H Roll Forming Machine

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Production Tooling, Assembly Fixtures, Machine Fixtures, Jigs, etc.

Facility Projects


Machine guards, platforms, production equipment, etc.

Technical Publications


Technical publications and Documents

CAD & Drafting


CAD & Drafting Services

Other Projects

  • Part design for injection molding

  • Research and Development for custom 3 axis router

  • Large scale assembly fixtures

  • Right sized drill machine to free up CNC machines

  • Welding and Assembly Jigs

  • Form tooling for bulge forming, punch dies, roll forming, hydroforming, Super Plastic Forming and other techniques for high strength materials such as Inconel and Titanium.

  • High volume, tight tolerance machine, weld & inspection fixtures.

  • High volume large scale (6’ diameter) rotating assembly fixture where approximately 15 sub assemblies where welded, assembled or fabricated on tool.

  • Precision cylindrical grind fixture which eliminated several operations.

  • Large scale assembly plates for aircraft ducts, tubes, manifolds & other components.

  • Research & ROI on large scale machine purchases for revamping of machining cell.

  • Large scale composite bonding and layup fixtures use of vacuum bagging and Pre-preg.

  • Online Illustrated Parts Catalog for a light sport aircraft.

  • Onsite Consulting and planning for a pre-preg composites part manufacturer startup.

  • Finite Element Analysis of large scale machinery used by public.

All Videos

All Videos

All Videos
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Exp Form 1

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Roll Form 1

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Expansion Forming Machine Demo 1

Expansion Forming Machine Demo 1

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